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Tel - 01684275714,  The Boathouse, Mythe Road Tewkesbury, GL20 6EB

We're really excited about opening in Tewkesbury.  Our pub is beautiful with fantastic views of the river and our aim is to turn it into something really special - something we feel it deserves.

We painted for a month, re-fitted the kitchen, put down carpets, put up shelves and filled it with lovely food and drink - we enjoyed every minute of it.  We have made some great friends along the way - Roses Theatre, Theoc House, Paddle Adventure and Jam Rolly Pollys to name but a few and we're looking forward to having a bit of sun and meeting many more on our terrace!

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Jonathan James - Owner/Operator

Johnny has been running pubs/restaurants for 10 years all over the country, finally taking the plunge and opening his own place, The Boathouse, with business partner Matt.  He is passionate about creative fresh food, ethical produce and farming and good red wine!  

When he's not working, he's usually scuba diving.

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Matthew Dawson - Owner/Operator

Matt has spent the past 5 years managing high-volume restaurants in the Midlands, but when he saw The Boathouse he knew it was the right time.

Matt loves good cold continental lagers, local real ales and has worked hard with our friends at Coors brewery to give us our wonderful range.

When he's not at work, he's usually with Hannah.

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Nick Jelfs- Bar Supervisor

Nick has worked in catering for nearly 7 years accross the UK, including working with Matt as a supervisor in Stratford.  Nick has a real enthusiasm for mixology, so be sure ask him for one of his weird and wonderful cocktail creations!

When he's not at work, he's usually with Faye drinking cocktails.

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Rhys Hutherford - Head Chef

Rhys has been working kitchens up and down the country for the past 12 years.  Having spent the last 3 years working as Head Chef with Matt in the Midlands, they once again join forces as he takes the reigns at The Boathouse.

Rhys' big passion is cooking fresh fish which he sources locally to create his daily specials.

When he's not at work he's usually at the gym.

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Morgan Roberts - Waitress

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Gigi Nache - Senior Sous Chef

Gigi has been a chef for over 20 years, having mastered his trade on cruise ships arround Europe.  Now setled in Tewkesbury Gigi, who worked with Johnny and Matt in Warwick for 2 years, has become an invaluable force in our busy kitchen.  He adores good honest food cooked with the best ingredients, a real asset to our team. 

When he's not at work hes usually at a car-boot sale...

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David Sanders - Head Bartender

Dave will shortly be joining the Boathouse team...  Having spent the last 2 years working as Head-Bartender with Johnny and Matthew in Ascot, our latest signing returns to England having spend time at home in native New Zealand.  Dave has a wealth of experience within the industry, both on the bar and in the restaurant, we can't wait to have him back on board.  When he's not at work, Dave is usually watching his beloved Manchester City.

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Robert Smith - Building Maintenance/Boathouse team events

In between running his successful engineering company, Rob is also the owner of Paddle Adventure, an outdoor events company based directly below us.  He ensures the team make the most of their days off by taking them kayaking, rifle/shot-gun shooting and to Archery practice every Monday afternoon.

When he's not working he's usually fixing doors and mowing the lawn! (or making his son do it for him..)

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Connor Douglas Hawkins - Pastry chef

Connor has been working in caterering for two years now and joins our kitchen team as pastry chef. He is hungry to learn of Rhys the boss and passionate about using fresh ingredience.  We welcome our first Tewkesbury born and bread recruit.

When he's not working, he's usually playing football.

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Francesca Gold - Waitress

Francesca got to know us as a regular customer - frequently coming in for lunch with her family and now joins the Boathouse family as a waitress.  Great with guests and passionate about our food menu, its great to finally have Francesca onboard.

When she's not at work, she's usually, well, at The Boathouse!