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Tel - 01684275714,  The Boathouse, Mythe Road Tewkesbury, GL20 6EB

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About our meats

Legendary butcher David Dudley started his butchery over 40 years ago and they have since been renowned for their talented traditional butchers and exceptional produce.

Now run by Anthony Bowness, they have provided us with 10oz Rib-eye steaks farmed in Gloucester.  

They also supply us their home-made flavoured sausages produced every Wednesday morning in Tewkesbury.



Oven roasted tandoori chicken fillets, home made Tzatziki, petit salad 5.95

Bubble and squeak cake, Dijon mustard, bacon, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, Parma ham crisp, hollandaise sauce 5.95

Garlic buttered pan fried king prawns, toasted ciabatta, Petit salad  6.95

Oven Baked whole Camembert, toasted ciabatta, home made red onion chutney 10.95

Selection of warm breads, roasted red pepper and tomato salsa, red onion chutney, olives, roasted garlic 6.95 

Home made hummus and pitta
Paprika, olive oil 4.95

Smoked salmon, mayonnaise crab rocket salad, toasted rustic bread 7,95 

Parma ham, buttered roasted asparagus, Parmesan cheese, rocket, balsamic glaze 5.95




Home made beef burger
Cheddar cheese, salad, homemade coleslaw, crispy fries 10,95

Boathouse chicken burger
Cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, salad, coleslaw, crispy fries 10,95

California Reaper burger 
Cajun spiced chicken burger, fiery chilli pesto, California reaper sauce, roasted chorizo, smoked apple wood cheddar cheese, crispy fries, garlic aioli  11.95 

Pepperoni pizza burger 
Homemade beef burger, smoked apple wood cheddar, smoked bacon, salad, with a pepperoni pizza top, crispy fries, garlic aioli 12.95 

Moving Mountains plant based burger 
Salad, crispy fries, roasted red pepper salsa, home made hummus dip  9.95 




Peroni battered haddock and chips

home-made tartare sauce, minted pea puree 10.95

Oven roasted salmon fillet 
roasted cherry vine tomatoes, crab & lemon crushed new potatoes, sautéed green beans, pepper and tomato broth 12.95

Water melon and raspberry mixed house salad

toasted pine nuts, balsamic glaze 6,95
(Add salmon 4.00, chicken £3, king prawns £4.50)

Oven roasted lamp rump
Crispy chorizo, peas, asparagus, crushed new potatoes, minted red wine gravy 15.95

Oven roasted chicken breast

crispy fries, petit salad, homemade coleslaw 
Lemon and garlic 10.95
Peri peri sauce 11.95 




Honey coated pigs in blankets 2.95

Parmesan, tomato, rocket salad 2,95

Crispy fries 2.50 add cheese for 50p

Buttered new potatoes 2.50

Homemade coleslaw 1.95

Garlic bread 2.95 (add cheese 0.5) 



- We also offer a children's menu, available on request